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Welcome to celticmusicworld.com, your number one resource for emotional celtic music and epic celtic songs. My name is Martin, I’m a german songwriter and I compose new celtic tracks every week which you can listen to on my youtube channel Celtic Music World. On this page I’ll share with you the roots of the celtic music genre and the variety of different hybrid musicial styles that have originated from that.



What is celtic music?

The general genre of celtic music often gets confused with irish folk music. To understand the roots of celtic music you have to know what people where referred to as celts by the romans as they began to expand their empire over western europe. The word CELTS had been used to describe all the different tribes that where characterized by an indogermanic cultural influence. This included the area from the north of Spain in the west all the way to Hungary in the east … and of course to England, Scotland and Irland in the north.

So the origin of celtic music lies in the musical culture of all this tribes that where located in western europe. Therefore similar native instruments are used while the melodies and song patterns include lots of different styles. With time culture and technology changed so that celtic music today includes different subgenres from irish folk lore to fantasy soundtracks with medieval influences. This leads to a clear definition of celtic music:

„Celtic music is a musical genre that roots in the indogermanic culture of a huge variety of ancient western europe tribes. Due to the technical and cultural progress the originally styles of music blended with several influences like medieval music, irish folk and the high fantasy genre in literature, film and music that started to grow big in 2000.“ (Martin, celticmusicworld.com)


Subgenres of celtic music

The general genre of celtic music includes many different subgenres while some of them would not have come up without the internet and the emergence of a huge variety of musicial communities. Important subgenres of celtic music are:

Emotional celtic music – Melancholic and emotional melodies from folk – to rock – to pop patterns played by traditional celtic instruments

Epic celtic music – The blending of orchestral soundtracks, celtic originated war drums and native western europe instruments like flutes, harps and fiddles

Celtic fantasy music – Big screen film scores blended with celtic instruments

Irish folk music – Traditional irish songs mostly played in a ¾ pattern which are known from pubs and dances

Scotish folk music – Bagpipes and highland clan drums blended with harps and fiddles


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