Fantasy soundtracks

Inspired by high fantasy literature and epic movies like Lord Of The Rings or the Game Of Thrones series I write complexe orchestral soundtracks.

String ensembles, cellos, symphonic choirs, violins and brass instruments are the tools which I use to bring the melodies in my heads to life.

Celtic Music

The musical culture of the green island is the direct wire to the primal forces. The symbiosis of flutes, harps and fiddles is a magical phenomenon you can't dodge.

I feel blessed and honoured to be able to compose and to produce in the celtic genre. Join my musicial community and I'll lead you into the world of elves, fairies, heros and magicians.

Symphonic metal

Bands like Nightwish have proven that there's nothing better than the dance of electric guitars and orchestral instruments. Combining melodic metal riffs and epic ensemblesI am proud to join this tradition.

Beyond simple pentatonic scales I take you on a journey through magical worlds, neo-classical solos and touching ensembles.

Acoustic & Meditation

I'm a musician from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes there's no space for composing and music theory. Sometimes you just have to grab your guitar and start to play. Acoustic jams, metal riffs and rock patterns ... at the end of the day music is a form of art and art lives of improvisation and spontaneity.